At the end of April, there was a decrease in the prices of rice and eggs, as well as a drop in the prices of tomatoes, potato varieties, and rush onions. According to the report on the supply of agricultural products and food security of the Agricultural Rural Planning Unit (UPRA).



The director of Upra Felipe Fonseca, he said that one of the products that stands out the most is the black potato, which improved the supply and changed the sign in its trend, «it presented an increase of 9.5% in March, and for April it showed a decrease of 6,2 %».



Fonseca explained that «In vegetables, during the month of April there was an increase in the values ​​of peas, onions, carrots, cobs, green beans, and beets, however, it is believed that, because they are crops transitory and short-cycle, its offer reacts quickly to market circumstances and the current situation is reversed.



As for fruits, their prices recovered from the increase in which mango, passion fruit, passion fruit, tangerines and pineapple stand out. Lemons went from an increase of 41% in March, to a variation of 6.6% in April.

From mid-March until today, there was a decrease in the price of blackberries, particularly the fall that was shown in the markets of Bogotá (12%), and Bucaramanga (23%).



There were falls in the values ​​of pork meat and increases in beef and chicken. Although the drop in pork meat is not very high, it is remarkable, because it occurs for the second consecutive month.

As for fresh whole chicken without viscera, prices increased 3.9% in March and 2.3% in April; likewise, the prices of breast and wings increased.

The prices of the different types of eggs continued with a high trend and this behavior continued for the second consecutive month.


Panela and rice

In March, first class rice presented an increase in its values ​​of 9% and for the following month it decreased by 7.5%; In the same way, second-class rice increased from 8.8% to 5.1% in March. These indicators show that the offer begins to overcome and with it that their prices go down. In contrast, panela and round prices fell. Reported by The Cartagena Herald, news agency.




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